Business Writing Seminars

Are you constantly correcting basic grammar and composition errors in letters, memos and reports from your employees? Is the correspondence awash in red lines and revisions due to incorrect tone, unprofessional phrases and convoluted language? If so, your company needs a primer on effective business writing. I have helped dozens of clients improve their employees’ written communication skills.

Through 2-hour luncheon, half-day or full-day seminars, I can demonstrate effective business writing techniques. My approach is practical and hands-on – I frequently use an organization’s actual correspondence to point out common errors and demonstrate real-life strategies to create clear, succinct business writing. My services include a communication audit of existing material, seminars for groups of any size and personalized one-on-one coaching for key individuals in your company.

At the most basic level, poor business writing in your workforce is often a reflection of never learning PCC – Purpose, Clarity and Conciseness. While many of your employees may have graduated with university degrees, the academic nature of post-secondary writing often obscures the purpose-driven focus of effective business communication. With e-mail, social media and twitter, clear, persuasive writing is a skill in even greater demand in today’s business environment.