As a former editor of several trade magazines, I have an in-depth understanding of the editing process. I have worked on short-term contracts for magazines in need of a thoughtful, energetic and diligent editor. I grasp the role of editor as the intellectual stimulus of any publication, requiring a keen ability to spot industry trends, create the right assignments and ensure a steady flow of quality copy to engage readers. If your magazine or publication needs a short-term fix, I’m your editor.

For corporations of all sizes, I am happy to review wide-ranging content in a variety of mediums – from web site to newsletters to brochures to marketing support materials. If you feel like your written copy doesn’t truly reflect your business goals and values, it may be time for a fresh approach. Let me edit your existing material and transform staid copy into lively sentences. It’s your company – your communications material should reflect the values and products that make it unique.

For companies and trade associations, I am often asked to edit all kinds of documents – from tired reports gathering dust on the shelf to stale white papers left unread to speeches that don’t get noticed. I can transform these into the compelling copy you want. Even articles for trade magazines, marketing materials or online content can benefit enormously from a new set of eyes. Let my keen editing insight identify where your copy falls down – and how it can be reinvigorated to stand out in a crowded marketplace.