Here’s where I really shine. I can take a rough assignment and scope out a finished editorial product that sparkles.

If you’re the editor of a magazine and you need that key article to grab your readers’ attention, I’m your writer. I have written more than 200 accurate, thought-provoking and timely articles for a variety of national magazines. I take a subject and breathe life into it, giving readers a lively overview of people, trends and industry developments. And, yes, all delivered on deadline. (As a former magazine editor, I know the drill)

If you’re a corporation or small business in need of a writing project, I can deliver here too. I help companies craft individualized, creative copy that speaks directly to their unique audience. Whether the material is online web content or print, I cut through the clutter by offering engaging copy that reflects your entity. Don’t be satisfied with business clichés and tired writing – boost your image with refreshing ideas and novel approaches.

If you’re a trade association and you need articles, media releases, white papers or speeches, look no further. I have worked with some of the largest trade organizations in Canada to research the latest trends, find interesting facts and put them together into attractive, interesting copy that gets read. For speeches and white papers, I am adept at transforming a vast array of research into a well-argued thread of text. I can act as an invaluable resource to your communication team members to complement their skills and give you that extra boost in your public relations efforts.