Avoid Stuffiness In Your Business Writing And Editing

It’s amazing how many duplicate terms have crept into business writing. These are second nature for many people, but picking them out can reduce document length and sharpen meaning.  Let’s explore three areas: redundancies, prepositional fillers and jargon. Can you spot them in your writing?


Redundant Concise
actual truth truth
advance warning warning
basic fundamentals fundamentals
collaborate together collaborate
commute back and forth commute
component parts parts
consensus of opinion consensus
customary practice practice
depreciate in value depreciate
divide in two divide
end result result
exactly identical identical
factual evidence evidence
first and foremost first



Prepositional Fillers Improved
In the state of/in conjunction with in
On the topic of on
Despite the fact that although
Between the years of 2010 and 2011 Between 2010 and 2011
In view of the fact that because
During the course of during
On an annual basis annually
In the majority of cases usually



Jargon Suggested Substitutes
viable alternatives possibilities, alternatives
commensurate equal to
facilitate help
scenario situation
optimize enhance, improve
optimum best
incentivize reward, encourage
subsequent next
verification proof
cessation stop, pause
submit send


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